The creation of fonts is the main way I spend my time—mostly my own fonts, however I also occasionally work on those of others when they are licensed in a way conducive to that.

All of my fonts are freely licensed for personal and commercial use. Also, the source code is all freely available, and I don't use proprietary software in my build processes. Mainly, FontForge and fontmake are required; for more information on building, see the individual font documentation.

This art of my fursona was a commission from PocketFurry

FRB American Cursive

A Zaner–Bloser style textbook cursive font family. The full family contains ≈ 70 fonts.

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A typewriter font family that randomizes each glyph for improved realism above conventional typewriter fonts.

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The italic version of TT2020, based on the IBM® Selectric™’s “Light Italic”. The specimen here comes from a 2021 article in The Urban Legend by Cooper Makhijani, and is used with permission.


A blackletter font in the style of the New York Times masthead. Complete Latin support.

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Some Time Later

A font in the style of the one used in the credits and title cards of the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Besley Small Caps

Besley Small Caps is my take on Owen Earl's Besley. I added small caps to it, and made this version which comes in two versions: one with small caps by default, Besley SC, and then my version of Besley which has a smcp OpenType table.

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KJV 1611

A blackletter font made to look exactly like the one used in the 1611 King James Bible.

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Quaerite Regnum Dei

A font based on the handwriting in the Misal rico de cisneros. Contains many alternates.

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FRB Cistercian

An OpenType font for the Cistercian numerals; includes a PUA encoding.

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Noto Sans / Serif Tagalog

Two baybayin variable fonts designed for Google Android. Implements my baybayin Unicode proposals.†

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FRB Taiwanese Kana

An OpenType font for horizontal and vertical typesetting of Taiwanese kana. Based on Noto Serif CJK JP.

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desalph OpenType font

This is a restoration of Kenneth R. Beesley's desalph METAFONT font, hopefully the beginning of a series of such restorations.

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† I previously worked on a font based on Noto Sans Tagalog, OpenBaybayin. That font is now deprecated, the two OpenType Variable (OTvar) fonts I made for Google are better in every respect.

Unicode papers


Proposal to make changes needed for the correct encoding and documentation of the Armenian abbreviation mark
(Co-authored with Hrant Papazian.)

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The baybayin “ra”

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Please reclassify the Philippine pamudpod

Read paper (L2/20-257) »

Amended proposal to encode the Tagalog pamudpod

Read paper (L2/20-272) »


Final proposal to encode Taiwanese Kana in the UCS

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Proposal to encode New Okinawan Kana in the UCS

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Modular Font Editor K

MFEK is a project to build a new free and open source (FOSS) font editor from a collection of smaller programs, in alignment with the Unix philosophy.

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MFEKglif is an as yet alpha quality glyph editor for the UFO .glif format.

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QKeysOnScreen displays Linux evdev events (keyboard/mouse input primarily) on the screen, to make presentations about software and computing easier to follow.

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Open source contributions

I only use open source software in both my work on Unicode and my work on fonts. This often requires me to patch or become involved in projects I haven't written. I am a co-maintainer of FontForge and operate its Twitter @FontForge. I also have substantially contributed to SILE, the Kitty terminal emulator, Simon Cozens' fontFeatures / feeLib project, and various other projects used in font engineering. I also had the honor of sponsoring and contributing technically where I could to the development of Matthew Blanchard's MFEKstroke.


libsixel displays DEC SIXEL graphics in various terminal emulators. I took over maintenance of this project in 2021, with Nick Black.

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